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Tips to Correctly Identify Specific Types of Exit Signs

In our previous article, we discussed the need for building tenant wellbeing and exit signs. Just two of the series, we'll talk about crucial lighting service tips you can use to identify specific types of exit signs, for installation and repair objectives. If you're in the operation of constructing the latest construction, LED exit signs could be set up. Nevertheless, if your construction you may take up by now has present exit signage, find your facility's signs using these wise guidelines.

Lighting Service/Exit Sign Identity Tip #1: LED Signs

Many power efficient and chosen, LED exit signs are determined by way of a little cord of red or maybe green LEDs arranged within an oval or perhaps spherical design. These LED lights may additionally be set up at the base, top or sides from the sign's interior.

Lighting Service/Exit Sign Identity Tip #2: Incandescent Signs
Incandescent exit signs are usually discovered by clean glass bulbs (with central filaments), with either a bayonet, screw-in or push-and-twist type bottom.

Lighting Service/Exit Sign Identity Tip #3: Fluorescent (CFL) Signs
Fluorescent (CFL) exit signs are usually recognized by two, narrow, tubular, frosted u-shaped light bulbs. These bulbs normally contain a screw-in base (self ballasting) but may additionally function plug-in bases (remote ballasting).

Lighting Service/Exit Sign Identity Tip #4: Photoluminescent Signs
Photoluminescent exit signs are rapidly known for the reason that use no electricity source, and so are generally pale green in shade.

Lighting Service/Exit Sign Identity Tip #5: Tritium Signs
Traditionally employed the spot that the working of electrical cabling is cost prohibitive, tritium exit signs involve no electricity, and use a a little radioactive form of hydrogen.

Based upon on the style of exit sign, you should handle certain kinds of signage/bulbs with care. For that reason by yourself, it is worth the some time and cost to consult that has a accredited, lighting service professional.

Aside from proper recognition, set up, servicing and removal, a lighting service professional may help you determine which exit sign features are right for you:

Colour: Either green or red, this may rely on several factors, for instance building looks and even local polices.

Electric battery Back-up: Important to your all round constructing evacuation method, the selected battery back-up will ensure that exit signs keep on being lit once the power source is disrupted.

Emergency Lighting: A lot of LED exit signs feature incorporated emergency lighting. In case your building uses non-LED exit signs, a lighting service skilled can ascertain the kind of emergency lighting to put in independently from existing signage.

Voltage: LED exit signs are multi-compatible with possibly 120 or 270 volts of power. A lighting service professional can decide proper volt power specifications and needs.

If you have the entire process of identifying or replacing your exit signage, a lighting service professional can help keep your signs are accurately installed, illuminated, identified, serviced as well as maintained.


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